Why Home Staging Matters

Since the declaration of the Coronavirus disease, the real estate industry has certainly changed in terms of showings and how a potential buyer may view your home. If you were planning to list your home for sale, you may have opted to postpone or if your home was already listed, you may have heard your agent discuss virtual tours. While it seems like the housing market has been turned on its head, some things remain the same even in a time of uncertainty. Whether you are planning to sell your home virtually or in person, staging your home properly can help ensure a quicker sale and at a higher price. We, at the Kendra Watt Real Estate Group, believe home staging is not only valuable but giving your home the best shot at becoming ‘SOLD’. 

While in quarantine, we thought we would let you know why staging is valuable and some quick tips.

Home Staging Prevents the Potential Buyer From Becoming an Investigator

When a potential buyer comes into your home, you want them to envision living there. 

By removing your personal items, you lessen the opportunity for buyers to investigate or make assumptions about the individuals that reside there. Once they become the investigator, they are no longer picturing themselves living in the space but focusing on you and your family. By removing your personal items, you can help the buyer imagine their own family and belongings in the home. 

First Impressions Are Everything 

Did you know that in under ten seconds, a buyer could potentially decide whether your home is a fit for them or not? That isn’t a lot of time and the reason why staging is so important. 

You want to eliminate as many distractions as possible and help buyers visualize your space as their own. You can assist the buyer in doing this by eliminating clutter, creating visual space, and by ensuring that the home is spotless. Neutralizing a space and highlighting its best features is crucial to securing a sale. Even if your home is beautifully decorated, it is always a good idea to have a home staging consultation to ensure that your personal décor doesn’t overwhelm the architectural features of the home. Unless you are planning to sell your amazing décor with the house, it is best to remove it and store it away safely for your new home.

Bring Objectivity to the Desired Space

While we are on the topic of décor, it can sometimes be difficult for homeowners to be objective when it comes to their own personal design and style preferences. 

Whether you have nailed down the mid-century modern, English country cottage or modern farmhouse look, there is no guarantee that a prospective buyer will desire the same. It is best to have a staging professional come in and determine how to make your space appeal to the largest audience. A professional home stager is able to assess the space without the emotional attachment, resulting in a neutralized space that highlights the function and beauty of your home regardless of design style. 

Ready to start getting your home sale-ready? Here are three tips to avoid common home-staging mistakes:

1. In living areas, arrange the furniture into conversation groups. 

A common mistake is to push all of the furniture up against the walls in hopes of making the room/space look larger. However, in actuality, this can have the opposite effect and can make the space appear awkward or disjointed. If your furniture only fits when placed against the walls, it is a sign that you may have too many pieces or overscale items. Consider removing some furniture or replacing them with smaller pieces. 

2. When using accessories, try using groupings of three.

Accessories that are sizeable can add flair to your home, but if they are too small, they can end up looking like clutter. Think of a show home which typically uses large scale objects or artwork to decorate a space, rather than smaller items. A general rule of thumb is larger is better.

3. Make sure items, pictures, or artwork is hung correctly. 

Artwork that is hung too high can make the space look disorganized and can have the illusion of “floating”. A good rule of thumb is to hang artwork so that the center of the piece is roughly five feet from the floor. 

Staging your home can be a fun activity that utilizes your creative skillset. However, getting professional help from an objective set of eyes is always beneficial. For more information on our home staging services, contact the Kendra Watt Real Estate Group by clicking HERE. We would love to help you get your home SOLD!