Moving Negative Energy Out

Sandy Mulroy of Solar Power Health brings positive energy to your home.


If you are preparing to move into a new home, you may want to consider a pre-move cleansing of your new property.

Sandy Mulroy of Solar Power Health is a plant-based Nutritionist, Herbalist, and Healer who believes smudging is a great way to lose germs, negative energy, and hit ‘re-set’ for a positive, happy home. “The negative ions attached to smoke or any frequency that is a low vibration such as bad emotions, fear, and anger, it helps to take them away. Houses are so porous because they are built with wood and other natural ingredients that absorb these emotions.”

Taking features from many different smudging masters, Sandy has come up with her own technique and practice.

Although smudging is connected to the Indigenous/Aboriginal culture, and other beliefs, the teaching and practice is often overlapping. “Throughout the world, they are all very similar on how the plants correspond to people and energy.”

Following more Buddhist teachings, Sandy uses a combination of mantra, drumming, smoke, herbs, and salt. Often using plants and herbs such as sage, cedar, and others with healing qualities, Sandy then burns the plants while directing the smoke with a feather wand.

Starting with a cleansing smudge of the entire home, Sandy shares this is often when a home’s energy can be felt. “It doesn’t really matter what I am feeling; it is the herbs that are going to do the work.”

Cleansing of the property is followed by a blessing ceremony of what the homeowner is hoping to feel. “This is when we bring in your blessings or your intentions of what you hope to feel in this house as a scared place of yours. Then I will drum and sing a mantra, and we will put that into the house. Everyone and every home are different.”

Sandy shares people should consider the art of smudging, almost like that of a maid. “As often as you vacuum your house, you should smudge your house.”

When it comes to a home purchase, Sandy says smudging is the perfect way to bring a higher, more positive energy to every single nook and cranny.

Although you may think the idea of smudging is slightly nouveau or ‘witchy’, Sandy says there is quite a bit of research behind the practice. “It is scientifically backed; as much as it does get used by different cultures and those with other spiritual beliefs, there is scientific proof around it.”

Offering smudging as an add on option for interested homeowners is another way Kendra Watt is differentiating herself from the rest. “I’ve known and trusted Sandy for many years. She has such wonderful energy which is contagious to the people and places around her. I believe when people move into a new home, they deserve a truly fresh start. Smudging, to me, is such a great way to bless your home for a new beginning.”

If you are interested in having your home smudged whether you are just moving in or currently residing contact Kendra Watt at