Monterra on Cochrane Lakes Gets Ready to Expand

If you are looking for a large residential land parcel, yet still within minutes of town amenities, you will be excited to know that new lots are being released in the community of Monterra just minutes north of Cochrane.


Although the development has been stalled over the last several years, Paul Bergmann, Project Lead for Monterra on Cochrane Lakes, is excited about offering new products and opportunities for those homebuyers looking for an expanded footprint. “What we envision for this project is it will become the most affordable estate lot subdivision in Alberta. Prices will still be based on 2009 pricing, and we believe this community will offer a great opportunity for those looking for a large lot, with a reasonably sized home for a great price.”


While the Monterra development did have some challenges in the past, Bergmann says concerns regarding sloppy architectural controls and water issues have all been dealt with. “There used to be a time where the water utility that was supplying water to the community was unregulated, and since then, the water utility has been regulated. So those people that we talked to in Monterra that had $900 water bills are now only getting $400 water bills, if lucky, a couple of times a year if they are watering their lawn heavily. The other issue that happened many years ago with water was the flooding of Cochrane Lakes. We have a couple of great water features in Monterra; we have the reservoir that is treated for people’s domestic water, and the second body is a natural wetland that turns out to be quite a prolific bird-watching spot. Go back to 2013, with all the rain we had, those bodies of water had become very full, and Cochrane Lake started to flood, not so much in Monterra, but within some of the neighbouring communities. There was some concern about some low lying septic builds that were damaged because of the water infiltration, but the province has come along and fixed the outflow of Cochrane Lakes proper.”


As they inch closer to development commencing, Bergmann states his team has made it a priority to communicate with present homeowners and as such all residents within the community will reap the rewards. “We have had a meeting with both Phase One and initial Phase Two homeowners. While Phase One owners are less concerned because that area of development is completely built out, Phase Two owners are absolutely ecstatic that we showed up. They have felt no one has been paying attention to them for the past ten years, they have no idea what was going on with the community, and their real estate prices are probably softer than they should be. So they view what we’re doing as a real bonus for not only the community but for each one of them personally.”


Besides more residents coming to the Monterra community, park space will be developed, and a community clubhouse will be constructed. “We view this as a seven-year build-out, and we are in this for the long run.”


While Bergmann and his team say they are in conversation with roughly six different builders currently, they are happy to confirm that Aspen Creek Designer Homes is on board.


As Cochrane residents themselves, James and Stacey Rivett, with Aspen Creek Designer Homes, are thrilled to bring their product to the Cochrane area. “We are a custom home builder who has built acreages and inner city homes for over five years now. Being Cochrane residents, we’ve been looking forward to bringing our products to our neighbours. We want to convey, in a word, ‘value’.  An Aspen Home in Monterra is the only place in Cochrane where you can build a custom home with a triple car garage on a large lot for a price comparable to that of Sunset Ridge.”


With having an almost all-female team, Stacey Rivett, President aka Chief Design Junkie, says they are offering a one hundred percent custom build product. “We are completely custom, which means we have never built the same house twice. We pride ourselves on quality and providing an enjoyable home build experience. We don’t have one specific look; we would consider ourselves agnostic. Our homes are built specifically to our client’s lifestyle and budget, whether that is a modern-farmhouse, traditional, or contemporary design; we build to their style.”


Finally, when it comes to helping clients find their dream home, CIR Real Estate Agent, Kendra Watt of the Kendra Watt Real Estate Group, says she is more than happy to be working hand in hand with Aspen Creek Designer Homes as their exclusive agent. “The community of Monterra has always had a special place in my heart. I’ve been representing buyers and sellers in Monterra for ten years, and I’ve never heard anyone say they regret buying a home there. It’s an aesthetically beautiful community, a great place to raise a family or to retire into your dream bungalow on the lake. With its large lots, trail system, playground area, and mountain/lake views, it has something for everyone. The existing homes have lovely character and craftsmanship, so I’m excited to see what the new builders bring to the community. This is sure to be a popular ‘step up’ home for many families who want an elevated living space with an affordable price tag.”


With that being said, an information event is being held this Thursday (February 13) from 4 to 6 in the afternoon at the Half Hitch Brewing Company for realtors and interested clientele. If you are wanting to learn more about the next phase of development coming to Monterra on Cochrane Lakes, contact Paul Bergmann at or

Photo Courtesy: Janice Kenny