January’s Cookie Caper ‘Barnett Orthodontics’

The Kendra Watt Real Estate Group along with Kim from Kim’s Cookie Creations surprised Dr. Greg Barnett and his staff.

Yesterday (January 15), the Kendra Watt Real Estate Group treated the staff of Barnett Orthodontics with surprise cookies for the Cookie Caper of the month.

Created by Kim of Kim’s Cookie Creations, a box of amazing decorated teeth and smile cookies found their way to Dr. Greg Barnett and his team members.

Celebrating their tenth anniversary this year, Dr. Barnett says business is flourishing and not just with youth patients. “Braces aren’t just for kids. In fact, I had someone come in this morning saying now that their kids are all done, it was their turn. More and more things are done without braces like Invisalign and other clear liners. They can do almost everything that braces can do at this point in time. So if you always wondered about braces, you should definitely come in and find out about all the options other than braces.”

Recognizing the work of Dr. Barnett and his team, Kendra Watt says Barnett Orthodontics should be commended for their great community work. “This is an established business in Cochrane that has some amazing staff, and they always provide superb service. So we wanted to give them a little treat.”

Being a community partner is vital to all staff at Barnett Orthodontics, shares Dr. Barnett. As a collective group, they have supported events such as Footstock, Cochrane Light Up, the Vaughn Sawchuk Memorial Colour Run, Kimmett Cup, the Monumental Tournament of Aces as well as various sports teams to thank the community for supporting them. “Cochrane has hugely supported us. We really wouldn’t be where we are without the support of Cochrane.”

Thanks to the incredible donation by Kim’s Cookie Creations, the Kendra Watt Real Estate Group will be back out mid-February giving thanks and praise to another fantastic local business.