February’s Cookie Caper ‘Flirt Cosmetics Studio and Brow Bar’

From our team to the Flirt Cosmetics Team

This month, Kim of Kim’s Cookie Creations nailed our ‘Cookie Caper’ out of the park.

On February 13, the Kendra Watt Real Estate Group decided to sweeten the day for the team at Flirt Cosmetics Studio and Brow Bar in Cochrane.

Armed with a box of custom made sugar cookies sculpted into the shape of lips, nail polish, and cosmetic compacts, the surprise sprinkling of kindness was well-received by owner Ciara Ramsden.

Ramsden and her team understand entirely how good giving feels, as the studio is exceptionally community-minded. “It’s not just important for me as a business; I am a member of the community, my family’s part of the community, and my mom lives here in town as well. So supporting the community as much as humanly possible is definitely one of my mandates here.”

In business since 2016, Ramsden left an equally demanding and selfless job as a Paramedic for Emergency Services to become a business owner in a downturned economy. “I knew, for myself, that this was the right thing to do at the right time, but I was terrified, obviously.” Sitting on her business partner’s couch, almost four years ago, Ramsden remembers crying as she signed her first lease and wondering if anyone would come and support her new venture. “I just had a feeling about it, and I followed my instinct. I have worked just as hard at this, as I did for almost twenty years as a paramedic. You have to have grit to do that job, and so I took that grit and turned it into a small business.”

Flirt was an obvious top choice for the Kendra Watt Real Estate Group, both from the standpoint of providing excellent customer service to being a fantastic community player, shares Kendra. “Flirt is one of those businesses that has truly connected with the community in a very short period of time. We see that the Town of Cochrane is growing very quickly, but with that growth comes businesses that serve the needs of the community and give back to truly make Cochrane a welcoming and inclusive place to raise your family. Flirt has quickly become known as a local business that engages in our community and has many happy clients. We want to show our appreciation to businesses that love Cochrane as much as we do!”

Although Flirt is known for providing Cochranites with fantastic eyebrows, their services go far beyond. From cosmetic to medical tattooing, pedicures, teeth whitening, organic spray tanning, eyelash services, facials, body sugaring/waxing, Ramsden says the studio will soon add another service to their roster. “We are going to be expanding our skincare over the next year, and we just brought on a nurse injector. She is a critical care nurse from the Foothills Hospital Intensive Care Unit.”

“We love collaborating with other businesses, and we are always looking for more. We are trying to build a welcoming community here that is more than just a quick-service; we want this to be a really positive experience.”

Congratulations to all the staff at Flirt Cosmetics Studio and Brow Bar, and thank you for being a stellar community partner.

Ciara Ramsden