December’s Cookie Caper ‘Cochrane Collision Repair’

Starting a new venture, the Kendra Watt Real Estate Group was excited to kick-off  ‘Cookie Capers’ this past week (December 18).


Giving back to the community is something important to all members of the Kendra Watt group, and so the idea of ‘treating’ a local business/ organization was born.


Reaching out to Kim of Kim’s Cookie Creations, the cookie caper partnership came to be.


With December 2019 being the inaugural event, Kendra decided to treat a company that sees no shortage of business this time of year.


In business for the past ten years, co-owners Kevin Brown and George Archibald are proud of keeping Cochrane and area residents’ vehicles in the best possible shape. Seeing almost every imaginable type of repair, they say although the industry is down this year, Cochrane Collision has managed to hold their own. “We get a lot of repeat business and their family members in, as well as a lot of referral business. We have the odd one that should have a parking stall here.”


The vehicle repair industry has changed a lot over the past few years, shares the business. “Technology has changed hugely with all the cars and all the adaptive stuff they have now. There is nothing we don’t have, including I-CAR Gold, which few shops have.”


With Kendra receiving exceptional service from Cochrane Collision in the past, she was thrilled to treat the staff.


Reaching out to Kim seemed like such a great fit for the real estate group who are in awe of her creativity and design work. With young children at home, Kim tried her hand at cookie decorating only a mere couple of years ago, and her talent will amaze you. 


With no reservations at all, Kim was thrilled with the idea of partnering and giving back. “I love participating in this initiative with Kendra because it enables me to give back to my community and supporting small local businesses. More than anything, I love getting more involved and working together to build a community we all desire. It is one of the many reasons why I love Cochrane so much.”


For Kendra, giving back is where it is, all at.  No stranger to community service, she believes the team embodies this message. “I wanted to start this because I believe in the importance of supporting small businesses within your community. If small businesses show support for each other, it helps the community thrive. Plus it’s always a good idea to just spread random kindness. Who doesn’t love homemade custom cookies?! I don’t have any expectations other than putting smiles on people’s faces and hoping that people will continue to pay it forward.”


Keep your eye on the next Cookie Caper in Cochrane…who knows, we may be coming to you!!

Kendra, Dawn and Kim are pictured with some staff of Cochrane Collision Repair Ltd.