Looking for your perfect home?

Let us guide you through the complex buying process, and find you your perfect home at the best price.

Buying a home is likely the single largest investment you’ll ever make so you’d better have team of competent, skilled and trusted professionals at your service.

That starts with us. We’ve developed relationships with industry professionals who are like-minded and who we can trust to take remarkable care of our clients.

There are some very important steps to buying your new home


What can you afford?

Do you have a down payment saved? Do you have immediate access to a deposit for when you make an offer on your next home? Have you been to your bank? Is your bank your best option? You may benefit from speaking to a Mortgage Broker to see if your financial position is better suited to a specialized lender. Or maybe you can get a better rate.

We can connect you to Mortgage Brokers who have put together some seemingly impossible financing for some of our best clients.

Wish List

What do you want your next home to look like?

Do you need a spare bedroom? A full ensuite? An attached garage? A large yard? A small yard? No yard? Once your list of wants and needs is complete, review it and decide what suits your lifestyle, but be prepared to adjust your list once we look at a few homes. Sometimes the house chooses the people.

We'll listen closely to what is most and least important to you and show you the properties that seem to be the best fit. You may find that you prefer one location over another and we’ll focus on what suits you best.


Once you find the home you want to purchase, there’s many things to consider.

The first thing to be aware of is if the asking price appropriate. As your REALTOR® it’s our job to know the market. We’ll be able to tell you if the price the seller wants is at, below or above market value and we can guide through the offer process accordingly. If you have another home that you need to sell first, then the offer process will look a bit different and it may require some negotiating with the other party to put an offer in place. In our market, an offer is accompanied by a deposit and the seller will typically allow one to two weeks for you to meet your offer conditions such as final financing approval and a property inspection.

Whichever route you need to take, our experience and negotiation skills will ensure you’re represented with the highest and best standards.


Very rarely do we see unconditional offers.

Most buyers will need to firm up their financing and arrange for a property inspection. You may also need to sell your current home first, or if buying an acreage or other rural property, verify that the water and septic systems will suit your needs. If you’re purchasing a condo, you may benefit from having an expert review the financial status, assessments, and other essential documents associated with condo ownership. Once your conditions are satisfied, you will sign a document to remove these conditions and you now have a Firm Sale. At this point, We’ll need to know which lawyer to plan to use to complete the title transfer and handle the legal aspects of your purchase. Don’t know where to start with this? Don’t worry.

We have an extensive network of professionals who can help with this part of your purchase. We can connect you with individuals and businesses that are superior in their field and that have received rave reviews from our previous clients.

Closing Day

Also known as Possession Day or Completion Day, this is the day you get the keys to your new home.

A week or two prior to this exciting day, we’ll contact your lawyer and lender to ensure that everybody has all the documents and information needed to make your Closing Day seamless. That morning, your lender will transfer funds to your lawyer, then your lawyer will transfer funds to the seller’s lawyer. Then we will be given the green light to pick up the keys for you. But again, don’t worry.

We’ll take care of all these details too. We will personally be there with you from start to finish, and beyond. If we’re your agent you can think of us as a director. You have some very important responsibilities but we’ll make sure that everything in the background runs smoothly and this will feel like a wonderful and almost effortless experience for you. We promise.