An Opportunity To Be Neighbourly

Although the Kendra Watt Real Estate Group believes it is important to stay home and stay healthy as much as possible, we are happy to promote a town-wide initiative encouraging neighbours to check in on each other from a distance.

A printable postcard is now available through the Town of Cochrane in hopes that neighbours can connect with neighbours. With a majority of residents staying home to flatten the curve, Kendra Watt, CIR Real Estate Agent, believes this is an excellent way to connect and check up on those that live nearby. “I think this is an opportunity for neighbours to get to know each other a little, and to open those lines of communication. This initiative can help someone feel comfortable to reach out if they need a hand, or if they want to lend a hand to someone who might be in need. Familiarity can provide a sense of security in these uncertain times. Communicating with our neighbours keeps us connected to those that are physically closest to us, and presumably sharing a similar experience. When we take out our garbage or go get the mail, these are the people we only see briefly, but if we have a warm smile and a quick hello for each other, it can make someone’s day, especially when we’re self-isolating and adjusting to the lack of socialization.”

With her entire team working, residing, and volunteering in town, Kendra shares she couldn’t be more proud to call Cochrane home. “My experience is that Cochrane is exceptional when it comes to community support. Whether it’s about rallying around an individual in need, supporting our locally owned businesses, or even donating to fundraisers for charities, Cochrane excels. We are a kind and caring community, and as a whole, we want our neighbours and fellow residents to be taken care of. We are the helpers; as a close-knit community, we are able to assist others, and we do not hesitate to make offers or perform good deeds for those that may be struggling.”